Ingredients:Lady's Finger/Bhindi/Vendakai - 10-12Thick curd/Yougurt/Thair/Dehi - 3cupsRefined oil - 5t... [Read]

Ingredients:Mint/Pudina - 1 bunchKadala Parupu/Channa Dal - 10gmsUlatham pArupu /Uradh Dal - 5gms

Its said that all the parts of a banana plant is used. Such as its leaves for serving food, its flower ,... [Read]

Ingredients:Besan/Kadalamav/Gram Dhal powder - 2cupsRice flour/Arici mav/Chawal ka atta - 1/2cupDry re... [Read]

Ingredients:For making Gatta fried check the below linkGatta FriedRest of the ingredients to mak... [Read]

Ingredients:Aloo/Potato/Urala Kazangu - 3Green Coriander -10strandsAmchoor Powder/Dry mango powder -1t... [Read]

Ingredients:Apple - 2American Corn 50gmsBasmati Rice - 1cupSugar - 5tbsHoney - 2tbsD... [Read]

Ingredients:Gobi/Cauliflower - 1 mediumSoya Nuggets - 50gmsOnions - 3Tomatoes - 4Green Chi... [Read]

Soya is one of the very rich source of protein esp for vegetarians.Ingredients:Dosa Batter - 1 cupSoya... [Read]

Caution this is an extremely hot and spicy dish. It has loads of oil and butter. Hence, make adjustments to the recipe a... [Read]

This sweet dish is made on BHOGI festival the day before PONGAL in south of India.Bhogi is celebrated by burning t... [Read]

Ingredients:Bunch of coriander - 1Tamarind/Puli/Imli - 1 lemon size ballChanna Dal/Kadala Parupu - 50g... [Read]

Ingredients:Poha/Aval/Flatten Rice flakes - 2 cupsWater -3cupCarrot -1Potato -1Tomato... [Read]

Ingredients:Red tomatoes - 4-5Cauliflower - 3 floretsGreen Olives - 3tbsSweet corn - 200gms

Ingredients:Palak - 1 bunchMooli ke pathe/Raddish leaf/Mulangi kerai - 1 bunchAloo/Potato/Urlakanzgu -... [Read]

Its a slight varition from the normal adai where in i have added corn and oat meal.So those kids or elders who don... [Read]

Pongal one the major harvest festival of south India. Especially in tamilnadu farmers celebrate it with great joy as its... [Read]

It's one of the instant dosai that is made down south. Its not always you soak the lentils and rice to make dosas.... [Read]

From the below measurement you can make 10-12 small chapathis. Methi is extreme source to heal and cool your body.... [Read]

Ingredients:Green Peas/Patchai Pattani/Hara Mattur - 1/2 kgOnions - 3Tomatoes - 3Green chilly - ... [Read]

Well this snack i came to know from of my dear cousin USHA :) A very good cook. I owe her the credits of this ... [Read]

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