-The recipes will be reviewed by administrators.
-Prescriptions must be written legibly.
-Recipes must be your own.

-In case of error in a recipe, it must be reported to


The recipe must be complete, with all its ingredients, preparation, time and level of difficulty.



Elimination of recipes
Administrators deleted or canceled recipes:

- Are incorrectass either by poor spelling or breach of any of the rules.
- Duplicate recipes.


Removal Ususarios

Administrators can delete at any time the accounts of users who violate the rules, the Directors reserve the right to exclude user at any time to get too bad performance or poor quality of their recetass. Can also delete accounts without notice.

-The misuse of the account associated with their immediate disposal.

Rule changes

Any change or extension of these rules will be announced properly in the rules section.


Note: Prizes can be modified / canceled at any time without notice.

Legal Terms
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